Luciana Echazu

Luciana Echazu

Luciana Echazú is Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and Associate Professor of Economics at Peter T. Paul College of Business & Economics at the University of New Hampshire, where she joined in August 2020. Her background is in economics, and her research interests are in the area of law and economics, with a specific focus in corruption and criminal behavior. She also conducts research in industrial organization, new trade theory and lately she has been working in the area of risk and uncertainty. Prior to that, she was Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Operations at the David D. Reh School of Business, Clarkson University, where she was also Associate Professor of Economics and Financial Studies. Since becoming an associate dean in 2018, Lu has been an active volunteer for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, also known as AACSB International. At AACSB she is well known for her work in the steering committees for Women Administrators in Management Education (WAME), and Responsible Management Education (RME).


What does ESG mean? Two business scholars explain

By: and - January 19, 2023

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Environmental, social and governance business standards and principles, often referred to as ESG, are becoming both more commonplace and controversial. But what does “ESG” really mean? It’s shorthand for the way that many corporations operate in accordance with the belief that their long-term […]