Zheye Wang

Zheye Wang

Zheye (Jay) Wang, Ph.D., is a senior spatial research analyst at Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research. His current research focuses on developing new space-time statistical methods to better reveal how geographic events and phenomena change across space and over time. He also analyzes social media data with GIS and data mining techniques to improve situational awareness and disaster resilience. Prior to joining the Kinder Institute, he was a postdoctoral research associate at Louisiana State University.


When homes flood, who retreats and to where?

By: and - June 29, 2023

After Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans in 2021, Kirt Talamo, a fourth-generation Louisianan, decided it was time to go. He sold his flooded home, purchased his grandmother’s former house on New Orleans’ west bank, which hadn’t flooded, and moved in. It felt good to be back within its familiar walls, but his mind was on […]