Colorado Supreme Court

Trump ‘did not engage in insurrection’ on Jan. 6, new U.S. House resolution claims

BY: - February 6, 2024

WASHINGTON — In a meandering press conference Tuesday that repeated false 2020 election fraud claims, downplayed well-documented violence and name-called journalists, far-right U.S. House members defended former President Donald Trump against any role he may have played in the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida and several co-sponsors […]


Why 14th Amendment bars Trump from office. A constitutional scholar explains Colorado ruling.

BY: - December 21, 2023

In 2024, former President Donald Trump will face some of his greatest challenges: Criminal court cases, primary opponents and constitutional challenges to his eligibility to hold the office of president again. The Colorado Supreme Court has pushed that latter piece to the forefront, ruling on Dec. 19, 2023, that Trump cannot appear on Colorado’s 2024 […]

Colorado Supreme Court blocks Trump from 2024 ballot in historic insurrection ruling

BY: - December 19, 2023

The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered former President Donald Trump to be barred from the state’s 2024 presidential ballot under a Civil War-era insurrection clause, in a historic ruling certain to be promptly appealed to the nation’s highest court. Six Republican and unaffiliated Colorado voters, backed by the nonprofit Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics […]