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Court: Texts about public business on officials’ personal cell phones can be public record

BY: - October 27, 2023

The Kentucky Court of Appeals issued an opinion Friday morning that says messages on personal cell phones are public records when they are created or used by government officials for government business.  The decision comes in a lawsuit filed by the non-profit Kentucky Open Government Coalition against the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources […]


Cultivating a culture of transparency and accountability

BY: - May 1, 2023

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg is making good on his campaign promise to improve Louisville Metro open records compliance in his first budget. He has allocated $475,100 to create a new Department of Records Compliance, including six new positions to handle open records requests. “Greenberg has expressed the hope that this proposal will make Metro government […]


As threats to open government in Kentucky keep multiplying, it’s hard to celebrate

BY: - March 13, 2023

I will not celebrate Sunshine Week 2023. Since leaving the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office in 2016, I have pursued open government as an avocation rather than a vocation. I have come to understand the importance of Sunshine Week as an annual celebration of public records laws securing the public’s right to know how their elected […]