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Kentuckians deserve to see this surplus used wisely, not set aside

BY: - February 8, 2024

It’s that time of every-other-year again: Kentucky’s General Assembly is working on the state’s budget. Advocates, policy analysts, lobbyists and constituents will fill the halls of Frankfort until mid-April, working to see their priorities get funded. What’s different this year is that there’s more than enough to go around – an unprecedented $3.7 billion budget […]

House passes two-year Kentucky budget, $1.7 billion in one-time spending

BY: - February 1, 2024

FRANKFORT — After hours of questioning and much criticism from Democrats, the GOP-dominated Kentucky House of Representatives on Thursday approved a $129.6 billion two-year state spending plan. The House also approved more than $1.7 billion in one-time spending from the state’s record-high “rainy day” fund which will pay down pension liabilities and fund infrastructure, in […]

House Republicans unveil two-year state budget with over $1.7 billion in one-time spending

BY: - January 16, 2024

Republican leadership in the Kentucky House of Representatives filed bills representing a much anticipated two-year state budget Tuesday with over $1.7 billion in one-time expenditures, legislation that lawmakers in the GOP-controlled legislature will discuss and craft over the coming weeks.  House Bill 1, filed by House Appropriations and Revenue Committee Chair Jason Petrie, R-Elkton, lays […]